Working from home statistics UK Updated April 2023


Iceland was the pioneer in implementing the 4-day week and introducing shorter hours, hoping to prove it doesn’t affect the workload. Two experimental trials were conducted from 2015 to 2019 and turned out to be a major success. However, the increase in South Korea is undoubtedly the highest reported — 1,220%.

  • Interestingly, only 36% of respondents said they chose not to work from their office in October 2020.
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  • The next generation of technology will start to replace additional managerial tasks, such as providing performance feedback and supporting employees in building new peer-to-peer connections.

According to our analysis of S&P 500 earnings calls, the frequency with which CEOs talk about issues of equity, fairness and inclusion on these calls has increased by 658% since 2018. Personal development is naturally good for the company as well, and as employees develop their skills and competencies, their work product becomes more refined and the company becomes more profitable. During the same period of evaluation — 11 years — companies without a thriving company culture grew only 166 percent in revenue. This means that a thriving company culture leads to more than four times higher revenue growth.